Monday, May 21, 2012

The Eclipse

So update for this last week. I have been working on some house projects, yea! Painting some rooms, hanging wall art and happy about this.

Weather has been awesome so much that our pool is a whopping 85 degrees thanks to our solar. Capri and I have been having fun on the shamu shelf where she crawls around and bravely chases her rubber duckies around. She loves the water.

Capri's latest new trick is clapping and dancing. Paul and I love to play a little beyonce to see her dance like crazy. She moves her legs up and down and her facial expressions are priceless...we will get a video of this soon enough.

As for me...proud to say I have been going to the gym for 3 consecutive weeks, which is a breakthrough for me. I am going with Paul's mom so it is nice to have someone to go with to stay motivated.

On Sunday, we went over to Paul's parents house to see the solar eclipse. It was seriously so cool, Paul's mom has some really neato solar sunglasses so you could see it. It is so interesting how the moon is SO much bigger than the sun yet closer to us so it appears that the sun and the moon are roughly the same size.

Paul's mom made some amazing vegetarian loaf. It was good, hearty...and potato salad. Capri had fun crawling around with her aunt's and uncles and getting in some last minute time with her uncle Morgan before he heads back to Virginia.

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